Book in a Box with Kirsten

Hello, my name is Kirsten and I LOVE making books! After my last project making a beautiful little gift box from a plain ol' box from the dollar store I had the idea of creating a box to go inside. 

Here's what I used:

  • cardstock for the main book structure
  • various collage papers, including some printed will a gel plate and stencils
  • gesso and paint
  • favorite Artistcellar stencils to decorate book
  • waxed linen thread and needle
  • awl or something to poke small holes
  • Ribbon and washi tape

The main structure is an accordion which is painted with gesso and paint with a dry brush, stencils and collage papers.

Inside the book are two signatures made from several pieces of collage papers sewn into the accordion with a three hole pamphlet stitch. 

The folded book fits inside the book and stays in place with a ribbon secured to the bottom of the box with a piece of washi tape.

I hope this little project inspires you to create something this week!

Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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Jane E. Schneider
Jane E. Schneider

May 22, 2018

Love your idea, however, in-depth instructions would be of great help. I’d love to make one!

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