Inspired by your own work -with Genea

Hello beautiful souls,

The being inspired by your own work continues. If you remember from my last post I was inspired by my new website to create some matching packaging. This week is no different when it comes to inspiration except this time I was inspired by one of my newest necklace designs, "Om Gypsy".

I love it when my supplies compliment each other so well. I wanted to create a matching dread headband to match the gorgeous earthy colors of the necklace so I hand mixed some fabric paints to match and got to work. Here is a livestream I did on Instagram of me creating the headband.  I used the same starting and measuring techniques as one of my previous dread headband posts so for the technical stuff you can go here. 

I started my headband out with the seven jewels stencil.

I hand-mixed my fabric paints to match my necklace. I mixed some: mulberry, burnt orange, and overlapped the two colors to create a nice brown and layered the stencil 3 times to make the design long enough to fit across the headband so it went from ear to ear.

Next I used the lotus stencil  and attempted to use a metallic paint. The metallic was too light so I decided to make a darker brown as the first layer and then layered a glittery layer on top.

I wanted to add an Om symbol in the lotus so I used the Om from the Chakras 2 pocket stencil for the nice little details.

Here is the finished "Surreptitous Lotus" headband design.

I even modeled it with the matching jewelry.

How do you create complimentary pieces of art? What are your favorite materials to use?

Love, light, and highest vibrations,

xoxo Genea

Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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