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Hello beautiful souls,

So you know when you get on a roll with something and you need to keep going? Well it happened... I am one of *THOSE* people. You know, the kind that get stuck on something and need to have ALL of something (normally this happens with art supplies :P). So it's no surprise it happened with my art. I got totally stuck on the 4x6" size watercolor  designs. Well that's where the "sickness" started, and it kind of kept going in all different directions. So where the heck are these pictures, right?!


Holy, amazing, huh?! So I discovered this double layered design using the Sacred Geometry Series 1 and Sacred Geometry 2 Series stencils along with the Chakra Series stencils. So that led into the next design which I used some recycled laminate pieces from work and sanded and gessoed them.

Wow, does that sweet sunshine make those pieces glitter, huh?! Oh and don't mind the shadow of my hand in the photo. Lol. It was a little bright outside when I was taking the photos.

So next I was dreaming bigger and tried this design on a 6x6 canvas. I decided to cut a piece of watercolor paper to fit the top of the canvas and hot glue it on since I love the way the mediums blend on the paper best. I love seeing the process unfold because each layer is just so exciting. I think sometimes people get intimidated by mixed-media because there are so many layers and the end result is so complex. I tell people that it's a simple process since you do it step by step. Maybe that's why it's so exciting to create mixed-media.

Oh baby just look at that beauty in that sun shot! 

But let's not stop there..... I found some super sweet 12x12 fiber boards at work and took those for a drive :D Here is the first part of "Love Winds the Infinite Machine".

I was so excited about how beautifully this turned out I took a video. I also destroyed my poor Molotow marker in the process! Everyone was so excited over this part too and I had to remind them that this piece wasn't near done! I did the next layer and if you thought the first layer was gorgeous you will DIE over the second layer!

Yeah, as you may have guessed I had to take another video, lol. Oh and I killed yet another marker *sigh* So worth it though! I didn't quite get this piece finished yet, but I did a quick photo to show kind of how the finished piece will be.


I did find out a cool discovery for the inside of the heart that I wanted to share. I wanted the inside of the sacred heart to be gilded in gold so at first I rubbed some Viva Decor Inka Gold on the inside. I noticed that I saw cracks of white where the inka gold didn't rub in so I decided to spray the inside in Dylusions Ground Coffee spray.

I really like the look of the inka gold under the spray, but I didn't do the whole heart so I had to layer the Inka Gold on top after I sprayed.

I can't wait to finish this piece. I have actually been trying to get to my studio all day to work on the heart. I still need to color the heart, give it some details and work on the cello flame that will be coming out of it. So excited!

I remembered I had these tiny 3x3 cello bags so guess what I did? Yep, I made super teeny chakra and sacred geometry art with the super cute pocket chakra series stencils! Come on ladies, who doesn't love super cute tiny things?!

OMG so cute huh?!

I had one more design I tried out that didn't work. I got this super amazing tiny paper lamp from Ikea (they have all of the wonderful things you could ever want).

Originally I tried to do my sacred geometry chakra design on the lamp, but it's too springy and holey for the design to work out properly. I think I am going to spray it all in gold and do my "labyrinth lotus" design on it! I just need to make big petals to fit the 8" size lamp! Oh baby! I can't wait to show you all next blog!

Til then... keep loving, keep creating, and keep resonating at your highest vibration.

With deepest love and gratitude, Genea, the Third Eye Gypsy


Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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Genea Barnes
Genea Barnes

February 06, 2019

I’m curious if genea is your given name?

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