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It feels like forever since I wrote for you my little squishy friends!

As you know I was able to go to Art Unraveled and play with stencils all day with the lovely Lisa and her daughter! Jealous? You should be, it was a blast! 

I do feel a bit guilty though! I didn't take any pictures while I was there, I was having so much fun playing with paints and stencils and the wonderful groups of creative people coming around to get some the awesome stencils, I didn't have time to walk around!

I have been a bit distracted for a bit, I have done some recording but not any editing, so I figured I would just load you up with a bunch of pages I have done in my journals using some of the stencils here at Artistcellar along with the Dina Wakley paints!

The 1st two I actually completed at Art Unraveled! I just used the pages to show people samples of how the stencils looked and I just continued to layer until I saw something that needed to come out!

I may actually come back to the lady in red. In the future she may need a background.

The 3rd and 4th pictures are pages that I haven't shared yet, I just love playing in my journal!

I think my favorite is the macaroni and cheese page, the very 1st time I saw the Commas stencil from the Marked Series I knew I had to do a Macaroni and Cheese page!

and the final page I did I wanted to challenge myself by doing a 2 tone spread; I like to do this because it makes me stop thinking so much! I love the Boy Genius stencil so much and I don't use it enough so I decided to use it as flowers in this one, along with a stencil from the Playful Pods series. The blue background I used stencils from Sacred Geometry 2, and you can see the X's from the Marked Series, I also used Tracks from the Marked Series for the fence!

Well I hope you like looking at a few of the pages I have done in the last 2 weeks!

Big hugs and Mushy stuff!!

- Shana Banana!


Artistcellar Admin
Artistcellar Admin


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Jane Schneider
Jane Schneider

August 19, 2016

Love your 2 ladies – can’t wait to go play in my happy place today to create after your inspiration – thank you

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