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Hello beautiful souls,

Do you ever just create that piece of art and when you are done you can't believe you even made it? Well this was one of those times for me. I am so excited about all of the parts of this piece and the finished product. I had a few snafus, but managed to work them out into the design. So let's jump on in, shall we? 

I started out with some watercolor paper and some of my caran d'ache crayons to start the galaxy base.

I then worked the top layers and side layers. I decided to add some white tissue paper with holographic flecks for funzies. It worked out well to cover the textured sides of the canvas and allowed the watercolors to lay on it nicely.

Next I got down on some stencils and distress inks along with some silver outlining and white star flecks. I used the metatron's cube stencil to create the shapes in the background.

I added some flecks of glow-in-the-dark paint as well so I had some stars that glowed in the dark as well as look pretty in the light.  I was admiring the glow on my canvas, but clumsily knocked my water jar over my canvas and washed away a portion of my design.

I also somehow managed to get a lime green paint drop on the canvas. It's a good thing I like green and managed to make the design work by adding some more lime paint drips to tie it into the design. 

Next I worked on embellishments and 3-d pieces for the design. I used my fancy pants cricut machine to cut out these luna moth shapes. I took a photo of a real moth and worked it in Inkscape to make a digital image for my cricut machine to cut. See, not just a pretty face! I was out of all of my thinner watercolor paper so I had to get creative on making an already painted on paper work. I decided to paint the moth backs in black, and metallic silver to cover up the painted parts.

Next I used some silver ink and my flower of life stencil to make the backs of my moths fancy.

On the front I was just going to do a simple design, but wound up trying to make them look more realistic. I even used some shimmer watercolors to give the wings some sparkle.

I even added a layer of glow-in-the-dark paint to the top of them so the glow as well.

I also cut out a Metatron's cube shape with my cricut machine and painted it in layers of metallic shimmers.

I wanted to add some moons too so I cut out a large full moon and 2 smaller crescent moons. I painted them all white and shimmery and then added some silver flower of life stencil outlined in black.

Oh, and I sure did add some glow-in-the-dark paint to the moons too.

So remember those accidental drips? Well you can see the first big one here, and then the rest on the full piece.

Ok, are you ready?!?! Here is the finished piece! Here is a close-up of the center with the full moon, moths, and metatron's cube.

Here is the full finished piece in all its glory.

I even took an insta video to capture all of the details. 

How have you taken a mistake and made it into a design? What is your proudest art piece to date?

Peace, love, and art,


Hello again!

This week I've been busying myself getting preorders ready for my oracle deck. In the meantime, I was going through my art studio and re-discovered Mineral Paper! Don't you just love when that happens? 

I was on vacation this weekend, so I packed up some art supplies on the go -- watercolors and stencils! I absolutely love the way watercolors work on mineral paper... and I really, really love how the paper does not buckle or have any issues standing up to the wet media. 

To begin the painting, I sketched out the girl and then outlined it in black ink. Then, I started adding color using various Artistcellar stencils (see supply list below).

Once I everything was dry I also added white highlights and additional "doodles" with the Uniball Signo UM-153 pen and Tim Holtz distress crayons.

Use your intuition and let yourself play on the page with your supplies!

I hope you enjoy this week's project - and in the meantime you can check out my oracle deck preorder at:

Supplies Used:

Hello starshines!

In my part of the world spring is upon us and I couldn't be happier! However, I'm also finding myself in a bit of a whirlwind. I have so many projects going on right now and an upcoming show at an art gallery! While it's all very exciting, one way that I de-stress is through tarot and oracle. As a side project (because I don't have enough projects - LOL) I started developing an oracle deck.

The process of creating the deck has been very relaxing and rewarding because I don't feel a lot of pressure. I started by cutting out the size of "cards" that I wanted out of watercolor paper. I'm using a mix of Fabriano Hot Press watercolor paper and Arches cold pressed depending on the texture I want from the card. Cold pressed watercolor paper is a lot more textured - or bumpy... and hot press is more smooth. It's a lot easier to use with ink pens to get nice bold lines. 

I've finished quite a few cards already, and I thought it would be a lot of fun to show you how I incorporate Artistcellar stencils into the oracle cards in subtle ways. 

Today, I started with a piece of watercolor paper cut down to the size I wanted. Then, I grabbed an Artistcellar Cathedral Plans stencil and a Faber-Castell graphite pencil. Using only a part of the stencil, I traced around it first in pencil then added another element (in this case, a flower dropping a petal). 

Next, I used a pen to ink the drawing and then a waterbrush with Twinkling H20's and watercolor. To finish it off, I added white highlights with a Uniball Signo-UM-153.

Because the size is so much smaller I find that I can easily finish a card in one sitting. With limited supplies, it's a project I can do on the go as well!

If you want to follow along with the progress of Dear Heart Oracle, follow along on my instagram! (@pantheartist) or Patreon! (

Is it too early to think about Saint Patrick's Day? If you asked my dad that his answer would have been a resounding, "NO!". My father was very proud of his Irish heritage. He had quite a collection of Irish themed objects including several books about Ireland, pins, ties, green shirts a'plenty, knick knacks and even his business logo (which he asked me to design) was a shamrock! When I saw an unfinished wood shamrock at the craft store the other day I knew it had to be mine and I knew it needed two things: Artistcellar stencils and Dina Wakley acrylic paints. Well, and a wee bit of Inka Gold too, of course!

Here's what I used:

After lightly sanding my wood form I gave it a coat of Evergreen paint. 

While I waited for that to dry I used the stencils and paint on deli paper to create a few sheets with interesting layers.

I chose a couple papers and tore them into smaller pieces and applied them to both sides of the shamrock with matte medium. The best way to do this is to apply a thin layer of matte medium, then the paper and another thin layer of matte medium. Use your paintbrush to smooth everything out.

When dry I painted the edge with the Penny and Umber paint. I used Distress Crayons to add a depth of color to the outer edges of the surface and bring out more green. I also rubbed Inka Gold along the edges to give it some sparkle.

I found an inspiring Irish proverb and simplified it to add a little text to my shamrock.

A few little details made with my acrylic paint pens and a coat of clear finish later and I have a finished piece!

I really like the layers of texture and the shimmer of the gold. Many thanks to my lovely eldest daughter for being a fabulous hand model for me once again. May you all have the Luck O' the Irish with you in your creative pursuits this week!


Hello! Today is all about mixed media layers and inspiration from the Om symbol. 

I hope you enjoy the video I made as a result:


Supplies Used:


Hello again!

Today we're making stardust. I hope you enjoy the video I have prepared for you...

"Well nevermind we are ugly but we have the music" - Leonard Cohen.


Supplies Used:

Hello beautiful souls,

One of the very best things you can do is create art with friends. It's exciting to share the artistic experience with others especially when they are new to creating. My partners in the studio this week were Christian, and our new friend, Jewell. You can see the concentration on their faces as they create.

Jewell wanted to create a special birthday present for her boyfriend's Mom. This was her first mixed-media piece and she ROCKED IT!

Jewell used: Chakra Pocket StencilsChakra StencilsMetatrons CubeViva Decor Inka Gold, and texture paste.  Didn't she do an amazing job?! She was super stoked about her piece and I was really excited about how quickly she learned.

Jewell and I worked on our pieces at the same time so I just walked her through the steps I like to do when I create mixed-media pieces. I decided to start off by layering on some different scrap book papers and then based my color palette on the paper. I really liked the flower design on the scrap book paper I had so I chose to use the crown chakra stencil as my large accent. I added some Viva Decor Inka Gold to some places in the flower to add some interest. This stuff is seriously one of my very favorite things I like to use for some shimmer and shine!

I wanted to add some depth and dimension so I added some awesome texture paste and used the O's stencil from the Marked Series stencils. 

I had some fun coloring my texture paste with some alcohol inks and letting it drip.

Here is a shot of my piece so far. I still have a ways to go, but I ended up stopping here for the night.

Christian was working on some more of his stretch painting except he has brought that technique to using some 3 dimensional pieces as well. Here is a shot of his work.

How do you like to start your mixed-media pieces? What types of materials do you like to use to create texture and depth?

Love, light and creativity,


Hello beautiful souls!

I was vibing on tiny art again this week and kept at it with the shrinky dink pendants. What can I say. I like cute tiny things ;)

I used my very favorite stencils again: sacred geometry, sacred geometry 2, and labyrinth.

Here are some of the pieces I've created.

I really enjoy picking different color schemes and colors for the ink and outline colors for a different look.

The nice thing about this design is that it can be unisex so it's really perfect for anyone. 

What are your favorite ways to incorporate stencils into your artwork? Do you like to take your style and see how many different ideas you can create?

Love, peace, and creativity,


Since my last shrink film project was so fun and there were still a few sheets left in the package I decided to make something else to shrink.

Ya'll, it's addicting and oh so easy. Woohoo! 

This time I grabbed my absolute favorite stencil from the Sacred Geometry 2 stencil set, a white Sharpie water-based paint marker, Permapaque markers in bronze, silver, gold and white,  and lots of regular colorful Sharpies. 

I used a clipboard to hold my stencil in place on top of the shrink film. I also had a plain white sheet of paper under the film so I could see my colors better. 

Then I picked out several shades of a few colors, traced the stencil and filled in the shapes. You can blend two colors of sharpies together on the film and make beautiful gradients. Don't worry if your sharpie color looks really light because it will darken after it is shrunk. 

It is up to you and your imagination how you go about decorating the stencil design!

When finished with the coloring and embellishing cut out the charm. If your charms need a hole in them for hanging now is the time to punch one. When you cut out your shape you can include a tab like shape where a hole can go if you do not want to punch a hole into your design. Remember that the hole size will shrink too so use a larger size than what you need. I've found 3/16" or 1/4" to be good sizes. 

Shrink according to the package directions.

Didn't they turn out so cute and fun! I can see these mounted on a handmade greeting card, made into a mobile or attached to the cover of a sketchbook. Again, your imagination is the only limit to what you can come up with. 

I hope everyone is enjoying their Summer and take a little time to try this project. You'll be glad you did!


Hello again!

Today I wanted to paint a funky faerie -- I started with a simple background on Mineral Paper using Prima Confections watercolors and Artistcellar stencil series in Diamond Series and Sacred Geometry 2. For this background, I just used a little bit of paint on a Koi waterbrush. I took care to pick up different colors of paint and not overlapping the stencils. I also added a few splatters and drips here and there. 

I really adore how the mineral paper reacts with watercolors and I loved the results when I picked up my stencil each time. 

Once the paint was dry I started drawing a funky faerie using a Scribe-All pencil and then filled it in with some more watercolor.

Now my  imagination started going wild with the story on this faerie. Ornery? Definitely. Ever wonder where that button went from your shirt? Or perhaps you knew you had some extras in the drawer over there... but they're gone now. It was definitely her. Her name is Petunia and she is a button thief!

Using Liquid Glass I glued some buttons down to the page for her eyes, and then I sewed them with dark blue thread. I tied them off on the outside so that she could have eyelashes. 

I finished her with some white highlights here and there with a Uniball Signo pen and a little bit of Ice Stickles glitter... because every faerie *needs* a little bit of sparkle, right?