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Hello my lovely lovelies! I am sharing with you my favorite Artistcellar blogpost project to date!

Today I was starting on a new piece then I realized I couldn't use it because the stencils weren't released yet! (ahem...Monday...ahem) So I started doing a journal spread for todays post and it was turning out cute but I was losing the feel of it and ended up throwing gesso over the whole shebang of it! Yup, one of those days. When I went for my gesso I had to pick up and move my Artistcellar bag and I decided on something new to do!

I received this canvas bag from Lisa when I worked with her at Art Unraveled last August and I love it because it is true - Art is not an Option, and I have used it on many occasions. But though I love the sentiment on it I felt it was living a lie, because I had not arted it up! So today with the help of my Generals Scribe-all, my Dye-na-flow colors, Inka-Gold and the Steampunk Lace stencil from the Steampunk series I made the bag my own!

To start I placed a piece of cardboard inside the bag to protect from the color flowing to the other side. I used my Generals Scribe-all to sketch the design onto the back of the bag then I painted it with the Dye-na-flow. To achieve the watercolor affect, I use water to first wet the fabric, then applied the color.

To stencil using the Dye-na-flow I used a soft bristle blunt edge brush to pretty much scrub the color down. I then went in with the inka-Gold in Jade (or any color that matches) to add some shine to some of the gears.

If you would like to watch the process check it out below!

Big Hugs and Mushies to you!


Shana Banana

Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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March 06, 2017

That was fun to watch! You have good command of that brush and fabric paint. I’ve not tried stencils with fabric. You make it look so easy.

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