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Hello beautiful souls,

Making your own shirt designs is so much fun. I decided to do a *fancy* design on the back of Christian's shirt as well as make a shirt for myself. I'm all about intricate so I wanted to make sure the back of Christian's shirt was as awesome as the front. For the back shirt design I chose sri yantra to start things off and then followed the design down the spine with the pocket chakra stencils.

I wanted to make the sleeves of the shirt extra awesome as well so I decided to put a pocket chakra om stencil and slit cuts down each sleeve.  I wanted to add some cuts to the back of the shirt as well so I decided to do slits down either shoulder for some extra details and to repeat the sleeve design.

I had planned to have a picture of Christian wearing his shirt, but forgot to take one at Ecstatic Dance here in KC the last time we went. Technically you aren't allowed to take photos to protect the sacred space for others to express themselves, but sometimes I sneak some photos of just us or my oracle cards I pull.

I even made a shirt for me. I had been saving my white tank tops to tie dye, but we didn't get to that yet. I really wanted to make myself a shirt as well so I decided to use this tank top and thought I could always tie dye over the top later. Win, win, right?! I decided to do things the smart way for my shirt by making a proof of the design before adding it to the shirt. By doing this you can make sure that things line up and that you don't mess up the design on your shirt. I made 3 proofs for the front and back design of my shirt before choosing a finished design for my tank.

I used: Buddha eyes, lotus, flower of life, hope, and chakra pocket stencils. I was originally going to do the Hope face instead of the Buddha Eyes, but decided I liked that design best for the front of my shirt. I took a canvas and put a plastic bag over it to make a base on which to paint my shirt. I also had pretty good luck using a flat box (I used a hula hoop box my hula hoop came in and that was great. You could also maybe try a pizza box). First I laid down my flower of life stencil with glittery gold fabric paint.

Next I used my lotus stencil with a dark purple. Since I didn't want the back petals to be part of the design because I wanted it to look like the flower of life was sitting inside of the lotus I just didn't sponge those in. You could also tape over the part of the stencil design you don't want just so you don't get any extra lines. 

I decided I wanted to use the third eye, and crown chakra pocket stencils to finish up my design for the front.

Woot! Looks pretty awesome! I wanted to get my shirt done in time to wear it for ecstatic dance that night so I gently dried the front with my heat gun and placed some wax paper over the front design to protect it.

I rotated my shirt to the back side and began the back side design. I decided to just do a simple line of the pocket chakras down the spine instead of doing anything super fancy.

Super in love with our new shirts! Expect a photo next blog.

Do you make your own art clothing? What are your favorite art materials and stencils to use?

Love, light, and creativity,

xoxo Genea

Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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Linda wyatt
Linda wyatt

February 26, 2018

What kind of paints did you use? Acrylic or some kind of fabric paint? It looks gorgeous!

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