Introducing Genea to the Team!

Hey there lovely creative souls!

My name is Genea and I am an artist.

I have been doing art all of my life. For the last 13 years I was a glass bead maker and jewelry designer  under the name Genea Beads ( before a huge life change that happened to me last summer. Here are some of the things I made.

And this a jewelry class I taught at Beadfest Philadelphia. 

On my path of healing I got back into mixed-media art. My first piece that I created I called "Becoming Real". I got this inspiration at work and had to come home and create! I feel like the idea came to me from a friend that liked butterflies.

This piece means a great deal to me as I feel like it really connected with my life. Butterflies are the sign of new beginnings and transformation. The name "Becoming Real" further magnifies those themes and talks about the butterflies "becoming real" as they form on paper and come to life as they are folded and attached to the finished piece. The base background is formed by the making of the butterflies as the left over bits gilding the wings in gold and painting them catches on the paper under my work surface.  I went from this piece and really jumped into more artwork on canvases leading up to my most favorite mixed-media canvas called "Mind's Eye".

As my ideas evolve I had the idea to make some clothes for a music event I was going to attend since I couldn't find the right pieces for my outfit. I did a "test" shirt design

and fell madly in love! I wanted to create a design on clothing that looked like my mixed media work. Next I continued and made these other shirts.

I started up a new business name in my evolution and called it "Third Eye Gypsy". I created a facebook and a new Etsy shop- My eventual goal is to combine all of my art under this new name and offer my mixed-media pieces as well as some clothing and my glass beads and jewelry.

I am so excited to be a part of the Artistcellar Design Team! I got my first goody box in the mail for this month's challenge.

You are going to LOVE the new unreleased stencils coming up! I got a little time to play with a few of our awesome new toys!

I am totally diggin on this crackle paste. I love the aged look. I love that it gives me a way to make things look old and weathered like stone textured glass beads😃I also used some of the viva decor pearl pens to give some raised detail and distress crayons around the edges. I love the tip on the pearl pens. You can see how I got some super fine detail along with some nice thicker designs as well.  I colored around the edge of the petals with the distress  crayons and used my finger to rub in the color and soften the harsh edge. I then went over the the inside line with a wet brush to blend in the lines to the inner part of the petal.  If you want to outline your edges like I did with my prismacolor marker you will see how the distress crayons will somewhat resist other mediums due to their waxiness. So you may want to keep this in mind when creating with these fun little tools. I used one of the *secret* unreleased stencils as well. Boy oh boy, are you going to LOVE this new set! Keep an eye out for their release date by following the Artistcellar facebook page and blog. 

Here is a photo of my boyfriend (mixed-media man) and studio mate, Christian. I will be sharing some of his work as well. I love that we get to sit in the studio and create together. 

Here is his very first mixed-media piece called "Sacred"

and his second piece called "The Void"

He used the Sri Yantra stencil from the Sacred Geometry stencil pack. Don't you love all of these layers?

What are your favorite Artistcellar stencils and supplies?

See you soon! 

Love, light and creative flow, 

Genea, the Third Eye Gypsy

Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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Erin Prais-Hintz
Erin Prais-Hintz

August 02, 2016

Well hellooooo, Miss Genea! I came by here looking for something else completely and I am so thrilled to see your shining face here! I am working on mixed media projects for an upcoming art exhibit and needed a little boost to an idea that I have with some crackle. I love seeing you here and I will be sure to come back to see what my talented friend has in store! She is a great addition to your team. So happy for her! Enjoy the day! Erin

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