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Faces! Faces are one of my very favorite things to create. When I got my hands on Artistcellar's new stencils by Kylie Fowler I was excited to see how my artistic process would work with these new tools. 

Here's what I used:

To start off I prepared my background on the Mineral Paper by placing the stencil on the paper and liberally spraying the three colors of Dylusions Ink Spray on the surface.


Before lifting off the stencil I placed another sheet of Mineral paper on top on the stencil, making a stencil sandwich. This way I can get two prints from the stencil and use all the ink I sprayed. I separated the "sandwich" and let the papers dry. Since the ink spray is reactive with water and the Mineral paper allows ink to wipe clean it will allow me to create some beautiful effects with water. 

I decided to create a simple border to my composition by painting with water and then rolling a paper towel over it to soak up the water and ink. I also flicked water droplets onto the surface and used my paper towel roll to lift up the activated ink and water to reveal more random dots in a white color and created more stars for my sky background.

Before I get to more of the water magic I need to get my focal point in my composition. I chose the Hope stencil, which is an angle that I don't usually draw, and the stencil was a great way to get used to how the lines and shapes should look. I used Night paint and a cosmetic sponge to put the stencil on the paper. While that dried I used the Gilt Paint (an awesome metallic gold) to add stars to the sky.

Now I am ready to add highlights and mid-tones to the face by simply using a brush and water. I wet the ink to swirl it around and wipe off certain areas where I want highlights. I can move the color around to create value. I let it dry several times to make sure I don't over-work it and lose too much of the ink. 

To add color for the face and hair I used Dye-na-flow and FW Acrylic Inks. I also used more Night paint to add more shadows.

Lastly I add to the border with multiple lines from an acrylic paint pen as well as color from the inks.

It's lovely and I am so happy with the results!

Hello everyone! I am excited to share the latest stencil series release at artistcellar. It is called Fowler Faces Series, designed by mixed media portrait artist, Kylie Fowler.

You may say, “Oh, I am not a ‘face person.’ ” Meaning, you don’t really like to include faces in your art. Well guess what? That’s me! I am not really a “face person,” either. However, there are always options when you are a “creative person,” am I right?

I decided to get familiar with the stencils by tracing them all onto a large sheet of paper.

I used a regular ballpoint pen.

This simple act helped me warm-up.

Next, I pulled out a set of oil pastels.

I decided to get playful and add funky colors to the faces.

Here are all four of the funky colored faces:

Now that I’ve warmed up, I have ideas of adding to these faces in various ways.

  1. I could cut out a face and glue it to a painted background.
  2. I could then cut out fun hair-like shapes from a magazine and glue them on to the face.
  3. Finally, I might cut out silly clothes from various magazine pages.

Sound like fun?

I hope you’ll give the NEW Kylie Fowler Face Stencils a try, even if you aren’t really a “face person.” Why not go out of your comfort zone a bit and explore?

Sending Blessings and Happy Creative Vibes Your Way!


Briana of

I just wanted to make a cute brightly colored funky bird for my wall. That's all I wanted. I had a plan. I've done it before so I figured it would be a no brainer. I was wrong.

I started out on a clean canvas board. It was beautifully white and unmarked, ready for the lovely bird I had in my mind.

I started by making a beautiful background using my Dye-na-flow inks with water and some stencils. (At this point I am on track)

I then made a rough drawing of my bird using Distress crayons. (Still good!)

In hindsight, this is where it all went wrong for me. I used watery white paint to activate the crayons, the beak is not quite right, blug... And I covered much of my beautiful background! I tried to add some feathers, yuck.

So I took out my Dina Wakley paints in turquoise, lime and yellow  and my brayer and went to town!

I took out my nib pen  and acrylic ink in sepia and did (another) quick messy bird sketch, it looks good!

I took out my Dina Wakely paints again and painted it up, I  used a  bunch of   my yummy stencils (Cathedral series, Tibetan series and Sacred  Geometry) to add some fun. And then I realized I only liked the background! The bird is wonky again! Grrrr!!!

Sooo... I got a bit huffy and asked my kitty what I should do, she told me to spray it with water, I listened and  this is what I ended up with!

I then sat and pouted for a while, and I gave up on the birdy. I used my paints and  just painted what felt good... I ended up creating a little sad fairy. For all of the Grrrss and grumbles, I ended  up having fun and smiling! And THAT is what it is all about!

Big hugs and mushies to you!!

- Shana Banana!

“Postman’s bag is always heavy because it carries the life itself: It carries all the sorrows and all the joys, all the worries and all the hopes!”― Mehmet Murat ildan

Have you ever waited for the postman to arrive? I am sure you have, if you are like me. And do you ever wonder what is in their mailbag? Of course there are bills, and junk mail, which can be a treasure trove for collage artists. But do you ever wonder about the other mail…the messages of delight or passion or longing? And is there still room for them in the age of texts and email?

I recently received a nice collection of acrylics from Artistcellar. They were new to me and I couldn’t wait to give them a go. The Dylusion Paint series is blendable and quick drying, manufactured with journaling in mind. The colours are vivid in the wide mouth tubs. I wondered if they would keep this wonderful quality once applied to my substrate.

I decided to work on illustration board. Rather than prep with gesso, I simply lightly sanded the surface and applied the Squeezed Orange Paint. Coverage was quick and easy, although it didn’t dry quite as fast as I thought it would. But sure enough, the orange kept its vibrant glow after drying. I next stenciled with Quasi from the Artistcellar Quasicrystals Series using the Dylusion Spray in Bubble Gum Pink. Although you can still see the stencil if you look closely, the Paint absorbed the colour. Not what I had in mind for this project, but a finish to keep in mind for the future.

I wanted to put the rest of the colours through their paces, so I sponged them randomly through my Diamond stencil. With the open stencil area it was easy to see how they performed. Again, as with the Squeezed Orange paint, I am pleased to say Vibrant Turquoise, Fresh Lime, and London Blue were easy to work with and held the brilliant colour you can see in the tubs…even after layering paint on paint.

With the background finished I continued by attaching a vintage photo I found in an old magazine. The postage stamps and Priority label just seemed to fit so well with our postman. I found a rubber stamp with beautiful calligraphy. Could the message on the stamp be from a letter in his mailbag? Why not? I inked the stamp with Vibrant Turquoise Paint and stamped on to very fine tissue paper, then attached with matte medium to the board. The final touch was to stencil the Infra image in gold.

Maybe I’m just a hopeless romantic, but seeing the postman with his mailbag does pull at the heart strings. And yes, I believe there is a place for "real" mail in the age of texts and email. My question is this: Is there someone who would love receiving a real letter from you? And would decorating it with your stunning art bring joy to you both? Many believe that letters mingle souls. I know I do.


Hello beautiful souls,

I have had chakras on my mind. I created a lovely collection of pieces that I can't wait to share with you :) I took a scrap of wood from my old job and laid down some rainbow colored watercolors, and then layered them with some distress inks and the flower of life stencil. 

Next I used some texture paste  and the pocket stencil chakra series to create 3D chakras on top. I used my heat gun to dry the paste and as you dry it the texture will inflate, puff up, and round out. I sponged on some black fluid acrylics and then used some Inka Gold to add some sparkle and metallic. I finished off the design by adding some white inks and the chakra 2 pocket stencils.  Next I screwed in some hooks so I had a pretty jewelry holder :D

I even took a little video of the shelf since it was too pretty not to capture all of the details :)

Now you know one can't have a pretty jewelry holder with no jewelry, right? So I decided to make some pretty shrink plastic chakra pendants with the chakra 1 and 2 pocket stencils to match!

I turned them into very simple necklaces on a thin waxed cotton cord. They are so dainty and pretty. They are so light you barely feel them on, so they are perfect for your new everyday jewelry. You can find these in my facebook group. Oh and I even took a video of the jewelry with the shelf.

What do you do to stay in your zen space?

Love, light, and creativity,

xoxo Genea

This week, I started working in a new little journal for the Columbia Center for the Arts, “Collective Wisdom: The Artist Sketchbook Project”. Basically, I just fill this little journal with – whatever I want ! – and then send it off to live there! Pretty cool, huh?  I have to fill it by December 1, so I've been diligently working on filling this little guy up.

Today, I started with no plan in mind other than I knew I wanted to use some of my brand spankin' new paint and stencils! To start, I used a paper towel to "dab" some Dylusions Paint in Fresh Lime, Vibrant Turquoise and London Blue. Along with the paper towel, I also used some brushstrokes here and there for some different texture.

Next, I used Artistcellar's Arabian Nights: Celestial stencil with DecoArt Media Mister in Carbon Black. What a contrast!

For some extra fun, I brought out the old favorite - the Pearle pen in "ice white" for some extra dot details

and then finished off with some acrylic paint and a paintbrush to brush on the lyrics, "Reaching out to embrace whatever may come."  

That is a snippet of a favorite song of mine, "Lateralus" by Tool. As I create I'm always listening to music, and this one just happened to be playing at the time.

Ta-Da! Super simple art journal spread that is so visually appealing!

I also love that I was able to morphe two of my favorite things together - art and music! Speaking of, I'm currently teaching in Mixed Tape II with Effy Wild and Sarah Trumpp and I would love for you to join us! Class has started but you can still sign up, and since you have forever access there won't even be a rush to catch up. Sign up here!:

This week's project is brought to you by insomnia. I am returning to my elementary art classroom this week and I have had a difficult time falling asleep with all the to-do lists running around in my head. And let's not forget the back-to-school nightmares. I had them as a student and I'm having them as a teacher. Yikes. This project happened late late at night when I wished I was sleeping!

After I finished I realized my current mood was conveyed in the finished portrait. It made me chuckle because I wasn't planning on creating art reflecting how I was feeling tired and overwhelmed at that moment but when you let go and try not to be too controlling your subconsciousness communicates!

Here are the supplies I used for this project: 

Let me start off by saying that sometimes it's good to just create a bunch of backgrounds on various substrates. That way, when it's super late and you wish you were sleeping but your brain won't let you,  you can just grab the nearest prepared background and begin.

The background I chose was prepared with a layer of modeling paste that I randomly scraped onto the surface with a palette knife and tinted with acrylics. I used the Celestial stencil with the palette knife to create raised stenciling into the modeling paste for even more texture. 

I used a pencil to sketch out the face and then took Night acrylic paint applied with the media tool to establish the shadows on the face. I mainly used the media tools to scrape and rub the paint onto the surface to build up layers. After my shadows were established I used white to create the highlights and Sky, Lime and Lemon for the skin tones. When needed I used a small paintbrush for details.

For the negative space around the face I painted warm colors with Ruby, Lemon and Tangerine. On top of that I used the Miro stencil with white and Ocean paint to give the background a texture (apparently communicating the fact that my brain is overflowing with to-do lists).

As a finishing touch and when the paint was mostly dry (which doesn't take long here in the desert) I lightly sanded the surface to highlight the stencil design created with the modeling paste. I like the weathered effect it gives.

I hope you take some time this week to create a portrait. Remember to let go and allow your subconscious to do the talking!

There is magic in the air, and I see it in the stars. Can you feel it, too?

At times in life when you feel shaken or perhaps a little lost, great comfort can be found in the natural world. The sun, the moon, and the stars are our constants. While there are phases and changes, there is pattern and predictability. There is also light. I need that light. You need that light. We need that light.

For me, part of experiencing that “light” comes through creativity. The stars are out of reach, but a pen and paper can be touched. Paint can be seen, touched, even smelled. Have you smelled the Dina Wakley Media Acrylic Paints?

Have you felt them? The smoothness of this paint as I spread it across the paper is delightful! (Allow your senses to be activated).

I feel grateful to Lisa at for the wonderful stencils and supplies she carries. Using them is a pleasure. I feel uplifted and in touch with a deeper soul connection when I use them.

Stencils . . . (shown: TEXTures 2 and Hearts and Stars

Paint . . . (shown: Dylusions Blendable Acrylic Paint)

Mixed media layers . . . in a big sketchbook has the potential to let some of that “light” back into your heART.

And before you realize it, you are more grounded. You have a sense of clarity. You are reminded that there is purpose in spending time with yourself, on your creative endeavors.

Believe. Seek. Create. Trust.

Sending love and light to YOU now.


Briana of

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” -  C. G. Jung

Working my way through my Prayer Flag series is a journey of looking within and without. And best of all, the meditative quality of producing the art has permitted me to stop and savor the moment. There is no better way to do this than to delve into the first sound to come from silence: Om.

The final stencil of the Artistcellar Tibet Series is the Tibetan Om. Think of the Artistcellar stencils as a vehicle to transport your creativity. Your journey will be aided by their excellent quality and ease of use. So with a selection of stencils in hand I was ready to begin.

As I was so pleased with the last flag I again decided to use the heavier cotton duck fabric. I placed the Om at the top. My colour choice was red in various hues as it is the colour favored by Tibetan culture to designate sacred areas. I wanted the space flying this flag to have the sensation of preservation, life, protection, warmth and comfort…all the positive qualities the colour red represent.

Continuing the theme, I needed a symbol to underscore the belief that Om is the sound vibration of universal creation. And suddenly I had it. The circle is the ancient symbol of harmony, timelessness, eternity, as well as the source of the goddess within. The Artistcellar Halftone Dots and Seafoam stencils were the perfect choice. Complimentary shades of red, violet, green, yellow, and gold completed the bottom of the flag.

I am now at the end of the pray flag series. I have discovered through this journey that the art of creation is just the first step to fully appreciating the images gently changing shape and colour as they fly in the breeze. And as the metamorphosis takes place without, the clarity of vision evolves within. Only when we are fully awake can we realize our dreams.


Hello beautiful souls,

I am so excited to show off my piece this week! I took my original 4x6 Buddha designs and enlarged the idea to a 12x12 canvas! It is pretty freakin' exciting! Here are the originals so you can see the transition.

I also took an idea from one of my early posts on the AC team when I created my "Labyrinth Lotus" design. Here is the original design:

I really loved how my "Eye See Wisdom in the Stars" piece turned out so I started out with the same techniques by using watercolor  with my dylusions ground coffee spray. I sprayed through the Buddha Eyes stencil and used papers to block out the rest of the paper. Next I used the wet stencil to make mirror images on a few other spots of the watercolor paper to start out my layers.

I also used the Om stencil to help fill in the white space. 

For the next layer I filled in the white spots with some very soft dabbed water colors in some lovely purple and purply-pinks and added some water drips over the ink spray to cause some nice drippy spots.

I love how the drips make such a neat effect.  After that I  inked on top of that layer with some distress inks and the flower of life and hemp flowers stencils.

I added some angelina film in little torn pieces and hit it with my heat gun to make it crinkle. The crinkles really reflect the light and add some awesome texture.

*insert crinkleplasticcu and crinkle plastic all*

I wanted to make the eyes really stand out on The center Buddha so I added some modeling paste and distress inks to add texture and layers.

Now that I had the bottom layer of my piece done, it was time to work on the edges and 3D details.

I began working on the center of the lotus and added layers of acrylic paint, dylusions coffee spray, and viva decor inka gold.

I began working on the petals for the lotus, but tried  a different designs before coming up with this color combination.

I used the Arabian nights stencils and did a different design and color combination on each petal.  These are seriously some of my very favorite stencils! I think I have used them on all of my most recent designs. I wanted the inner petals to have some interest to them as well so I used the flower of life pattern on the inner petals.

I attached my lotus to the center of the canvas bottom just under my modeling paste Buddha eyes so it looked like the lotus was opening up just under them.

OMG so awesome!! I finished up the sides by painting them in the same colors of the canvas with acrylic paints and using the hemp flower stencil to decorate the edges.

Here is my completed piece:

I even took a video so you can really see all of the details on my Instagram. 

How do you incorporate elements of your older designs and combine them to create intricate finished works?

Love, light, and creativity,

xoxo Genea